Phoenix Speedometer and Repair

Automotive specialty shops in Phoenix, Arizona are a dying breed. Unfortunately, it is hard to find a large garage or dealer with the expertise to efficiently diagnose and repair the subtle mechanical and electrical systems of your vehicle.

Dick’s Speed-O-Tach in Phoenix, Arizona offers premium automotive speedometer and speedometer cable service and repair.

Our services also include repairing Speedometers that have already been removed from the vehicle. So, if you like to work on your own car or truck or live outside of the Phoenix Metro area these products can be brought in or shipped in for repair.  Contact us today for more details.  All of our services are performed at a very competitive price and with full warranty.

Our speedometer repair experts operate on most makes and models of vehicles, foreign and domestic, ranging from a Model “A” to many of today’s modern cars and trucks. Our Phoenix Speedometer Repair and Service repair antique classic speedometers and can provide custom fabrication for Hot Rods and Kit Cars.


There are two types of speedometers: electronic and mechanical. The electronic­ speedometer is actually a relatively new invention — the first all-electronic speedometer didn’t appear until 1993.













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