Odometer and Speedometer Repair in Phoenix

Types of Services and Repairs at Dick’s Speed-O-Tach

Odometer and Speedometer Repair in Phoenix


Our Fast Service, Years of Experience, and Automotive Expertise Set Us Apart


Dick’s Speed-O-Tach is a 3rd generation owned and operated odometer and speedometer repair in Phoenix.  Our service center in located at  4325 N 7th Street in Phoenix, Arizona is home to our family-owned repair shop.   We service odometers, speedometer, and electric clusters for our customers in and around the Phoenix metro area.

Our automotive professionals have years of experience in the automotive parts, automotive repair, and recycling industries.  Our experience gives us a clear understanding of our customer’s needs and the importance of getting their electronic part repaired quickly, correctly, and back in their vehicle.  We strive to make Dick’s the best odometer and speedometer repair in Phoenix.

Because our Phoenix speedometer repair center is independently owned, we answer only to our customers and not shareholders. Putting our customers first allows us to keep our prices low and our customer service more personalized.

Dick’s Speed-O-Tach offers great warranties so that you can buy with confidence knowing that we stand behind our product, repairs, and sales. Our speedometer and odometer repair experts offer same day repairs on most speedometers and other electronic products with convenient and prompt shipping options.  Call one of our Phoenix speedometer repair experts today!





Odometer and Speedometer Repair in Phoenix


Speedometer and Odometer Repair in Phoenix, Arizona









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